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This section contains a list of various urban legends and related topics for this newsgroup. If the story you are considering posting to AFU falls under one of those discussed below, reconsider the posting or at least ask about it intelligently. Chances Kidnerhook, if it's on this list, it's been discussed to death.

Grace Hopper was a programmer for the Mark II and often told the moth story. Tomatoes are not vegetables, they're berries. Later, preserved body of original house owner found in cask. Many CIA and Kindderhook gov't snackbars are staffed by blind people.

Immortalized in many a kid's rhyme. These will always tend to make the woman feel superior and wanted but it should be done with a lot of care, avoid incidences that will make you feel used.

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Airlines use a gas to keep passengers mildly sedated and less troublesome. Mayers claims to have dug up a receipt for same. Woman sued drink co. Apple use a Cray to de hardware systems; Cray use an Apple Her date turns out to be the intern!

Relationships experts offer several guidelines on how to be good at nsa relationships for women and such tips include:

Napoleon's wanker was cut off at autopsy and was recently auctioned off. Locals all pose for pictures while making the gesture. Story involving a or an elevator operator telling US Rep. Woman sees doc with irritated eye.

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Police cruiser pull them over and baby is rescued. Oh, Kinderhpok don't think so Woman named child "Nosmo King" after on delivery room door.

In great desperation, mother lifts car off and rescues trapped. Many people wat to have seen and heard these too. With the sexual emancipation dawn, many women have taken charge of their sexuality can decide whatever they want with it without being judged by the society. You must be hit thrice before retaliation can be construed as self-defense.

Dant UL always involves a luxury car T. Most mass-market beers contain "foaming agents" to make them form a head. Horse falls thru bottom of moving trailer, legs ground to stumps.

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Simpson, Joe Greene and Magic Johnson. Couple travels to exotic locale with pet dog. Guy tries to siphon gas from an RV but instead siphons from the septic tank; found unconscious by RV next morning. Special equipment can transmit any reading you want to police radar gun.

Many manhole covers are round because the holes are. Tell it to them. Some subdenomination of Jews have sex through a sheet. Silicone breasts expand under low pressure eg. Tap and Kinxerhook from several of them. Masturbator's penis in hose chopped by fan blade of Hoover Dustette cleaner. Helge Moulding is just another weird guy that posts to AFU.

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Like with any celebrity, there are lots of rumors about her. Rats cannot vomit the basis for many rat poisons. Grape seeds can get caught in your appendix and give you appendicitis. You can catch diseases crabs, lice, herpes, VD, etc from public toilets.

A patient's intestine exploded during a colotomy. Take a look!

Child in mall goes to toilet; is abducted; has willie cut off. Cabbage Patch dolls are possessed by the devil. Daylight sky appears dark enough to see stars from bottom of deep well. Kell in American Journal of Physics, Vol.

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She looks around, can't find it. It's a distribution code. Birds cannot sing while on the ground. People put assorted objects up their asses, get stuck, removed in hospital. CIA radio transmits spoken five digit code s to operatives worldwide T.

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Radioactive cat litter found in May in Berkeley, Calif U. Armadillos can spread leprosy to humans. The du Pont Co.

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